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InsureShield® Shipping Protection Now Available to the ConnectShip Community

InsureShield Shipping Protection from UPS Capital® Insurance Agency, Inc. is the latest ConnectShip offering targeted at solving everyday business problems with simple and flexible solutions. InsureShield Shipping Protection is all-risk coverage that offers flexibility on what to insure based on amount, product or location; regardless of carrier or transportation mode. This is actual shipping insurance, not carrier liability, so it offers the peace of mind that your shipments are protected against loss and damage. The coverage is based on the value of the goods, meaning you can cover all goods at whatever values you decide based on your business’s current ability to tolerate risk.

InsureShield Shipping Protection allows you to improve your post-purchase experience without the potential of extra costs associated with missing or damaged shipments. Best of all, it’s affordable so you’ll see savings compared to standard carrier liability coverage without all the fine print restrictions.

Fast Payment
Protect Against Loss and Damage
Porch Piracy Protection

InsureShield Shipping Protection offers customizable rules, you can add coverage by amount, SKU, or location so you only pay for the exact coverage you need. The simple online claims portal offers claim submissions 24/7, and most claim payments are made in days, so you can confidently offer timely resolutions and keep customer satisfaction ratings high. Best of all, this optional coverage is now available to all ConnectShip community members for all ConnectShip supported carriers.

As always, we would like to thank you for being part of our ConnectShip community and we hope you share our excitement for our latest offering in our carrier compliance portfolio. It is our goal to provide the most comprehensive set of offerings to put you in the position to make the best choices for your business and customers.