Overview of ConnectShip Solutions

ConnectShip offers a wide array of multi-carrier software solutions, ranging from simple stand-alone solutions to deeply integrated ones. ConnectShip provides multi-carrier compliance whether you ship with international, regional, or LTL and freight carriers, and we ensure that your shipping labels and documents are fully compliant. Contact our Solutions Support department to determine which ConnectShip solution will best fit your current and future business demands.

A ConnectShip solution makes sense when any of the following are true:

  • You ship with and/or use
  • You want to integrate shipping or shipment rating into an ERP, warehouse management system, your website, or other business systems
  • You need a scalable solution capable of handling high shipping volume and future growth
  • You need visibility of transportation information at multiple points in the shipping process
  • You want to create a custom user interface for shipping, or have a fully automated shipping system with no user interface
  • You need to manage multiple shipping locations from a central server
  • You ship from multiple worldwide locations
  • You ship 50 packages per day or more, up to tens of thousands of packages per day
  • You ship just a few packages per day from many locations around the world
  • You need to know shipping rates and estimated delivery dates

Solution Descriptions

The ConnectShip solution that is best for you depends on how you plan to integrate your shipping system into the rest of your business processes. Click here for more help on which solution is best for you.

  • ConnectShip® Toolkit is a set of development tools for incorporating shipping functionality into new or existing business applications. ConnectShip® Toolkit enables the deepest integration of any ConnectShip solution, and provides a straightforward means for direct support of shipping operations within enterprise, supply chain, and e-business systems.
  • ConnectShip® Warehouse is a client-server shipping management application designed for customers with mid- to high-volume shipping requirements. ConnectShip® Warehouse provides customers with a single enterprise shipping solution that can be centrally managed and administered.
  • ConnectShip® ChainLink is a browser-based shipping application. ConnectShip® ChainLink supports desktop shipping requests, customer service inquiries, and small parcel and LTL shipment manifesting. It also provides interface options for ConnectShip® Toolkit.
  • ConnectShip® Merchant is a rating engine for e-commerce and order management systems. It can be integrated into your website, customer service application, or any other business system requiring accurate shipment rates and delivery dates. ConnectShip® Merchant puts the rate, service, and carrier decision-making into the hands of order-entry personnel or customers at the point the order is made.
  • ConnectShip® Advisor is a rating application that assists with carrier/service selection decisions based on rates, accessorial fees, and time-in-transit information. It allows integration with order management, ERP and other backend systems and can compare LTL rates with UPS small package rates. ConnectShip® Advisor is sold exclusively through UPS Customer Solutions.
  • ConnectShip® PSS is a complete small-parcel shipping solution that allows mailroom personnel to easily weigh packages, print carrier labels, and ensure compliance with corporate standards. PSS has built in shipment tracking that provides real time updates of shipment progress, email notifications of pick-up and delivery, reports and data extracts across entire corporations.

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