Overview of ConnectShip Solutions

ConnectShip offers a wide array of on-premise and off-premise (hosted) multi-carrier software solutions, ranging from simple stand-alone to deeply integrated solutions. Contact our Solutions Support department to determine which ConnectShip solution will best fit your current and future business demands.

On and Off-Premise Solutions

ConnectShip offers both on and off-premise solutions. The ConnectShip solution that is best for you depends on your individual business needs, the amount of control you want over your data and processes, and how you plan to integrate your shipping system. Your specific business needs, infrastructure, and plans for expansion determine which type of solution best fits your situation.

ConnectShip On-Premise Solutions
ConnectShip on-premise solutions are designed for companies wanting complete control over all systems and data. On-premise solutions provide multi-carrier compliance for international, regional, or LTL carriers, and ensures that shipping labels and documents are fully compliant.

ConnectShip Off-Premise Solutions
ConnectShip offers a full suite of off-premise solutions designed to meet a variety of needs for those small, medium, or enterprise companies interested in a cloud-based solution. These hosted applications are managed in our Bellevue, WA data center and are available on a per-transaction or monthly subscription basis. For mid-size companies that want a lower cost of entry, a hosted solution requires little to no investment in IT or hardware. For example, ConnectShip off-premise solutions eliminate the need for a dedicated on-site server. Your shipping data is managed for you in our secure data center - minimizing the overall initial investment and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

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